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Addressing Financial Intimacy
in Marriage

Money tensions aren’t about the money, but about other emotional and relationship factors. Some simple changes can lead to effective communication, connection, and true financial intimacy. These resources are designed to help couples have a better marriage, not just a better budget.
The following resources are part of the Love, Sex and Money project and are specifically designed to provide help with financial intimacy.

The money book that’s not about the money


Most money books deal with surface issues, such as how to budget or pay down debt, but most couples struggle to even talk about money. Or handle it separately, which creates an invisible barrier to their relationship that they don’t even know exists. Finally—Thriving in Love & Money uncovers the issues that cause money conflicts and undercurrents of tension and provides couples with truths that are relationship game-changers.


Because you need a better relationship, not just a better budget.

6 Session Video Course

Thriving In Love & Money Course

A 6-session video-based study

  • For couples — on their own time
  • For small groups meeting weekly

Why do we have tension about money in marriage—or avoid talking about it? Have you ever just gotten stuck in your relationship patterns around finances? What if you could really “get” where your spouse is coming from—and they could “get” you? In this course, you won’t learn how to demonstrate that your way is right. (Sorry.) But you will learn how to understand and respect each other’s money values— and get on the same page.


Where do YOU score
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Find the tools and resources to help you stay focused and on track in your Love & Money journey.

In partnership with the American Association of Christian Counselors